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Advertise Advertising: Website owners can use our site/sites for advertising their services and products. Currently nifty page has page hits of more than 5,00,000 per month which is increasing greatly day by day. Website advertisers can also use our other 50 top keyword domain sites which generates more than 30,00,000 page hits per month. Before we invite advertisers for bidding, we decided to improve the site performance which fetches both advertisers and viewers. As a result, right now we are only accepting fixed payment per slot based on the number of days (minimum 1 month) where advertisers get an advantage of placing their ad for a period of 1 month irrespective of impressions or clicks as per our terms and conditions.

Terms and Conditions

- Advertisments are accepted on monthly basis. However, slot for a period of minimum 1 month has to be purchased
- Slots available for advertising are 250x250, 300x250, 728x90.
- Only banner advertisements are accepted. No text ads are accepted until we start our bidding process.
- Cost of 1 slot per month is only Rs. 10,000/-
- All the amount has to be pre payed
- No refund after payment
- We are not responsible for the number of impressions or clicks generated during the advertising period.
- Prices may change without any further intimation.
- Advertisers has the choice to select the slot from each website.
- Slots can be selected from any of our 50 top class keyword domains
- If purchasing multiple slots, only 1 slot per domain has to be selected for same advertisement.
- If need to advertise on 2 slots on the same domain, advertisers are needed to provide different banner ads for different slots.
- For further details and enquiries, mail us at Nifty chart

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